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Stewart Jones QC

Stewart Jones QC

Call 1972
Silk 1994

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*Door Tenant

Stewart Jones is a senior criminal silk with extensive experience of all types of criminal work both for the prosecution and defence. Areas of experience include:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter: not only provocation and diminished responsibility in murder context but also unlawful act/gross negligence, involving breaches of e.g. Fire Regulations and Health and Safety Regulations
  • Police disciplinary tribunal work
  • Rape and all sexual offences modern and historical
  • Robbery and all offences of dishonesty
  • Drugs: possession and importation

Stewart Jones QC successfully defends clients in complex criminal cases

Stewart Jones QC has successfully defended three important cases in the past year.

In May 2012, R –v- Darcy Ward, a brilliant young world champion speedway star, who was facing a career-threatening allegation of rape with a fellow rider, following a date with two seventeen year-old speedway enthusiasts.

In the summer of 2012, R –v- Callister, one of several defendants in a lengthy election fraud trial in the Isle of Man and subsequently secured his client's acquittal after a detailed half-time submission based on both technicalities and fact.

In May 2013, R –v- Kendel Joseph, Mr Jones QC defended a nineteen year-old St. Lucian boy of good character, who was accused of murder in a five-handed drugs trial in Bristol on the basis of joint enterprise/secondary liability. His client was found not guilty by the jury.

Notable Cases

Eldred & another
Police Disciplinary Tribunal. Two long serving Police Officers subject to disciplinary proceedings after ugly incident arising out of their urgent response to 999 distress call from wife of drunken man asking for help at their home.

R v Bevin
Defence: Visiting engineer prosecuted following death by drowning in slurry pit of farm foreman on huge pig farm where essential Health and Safety Regulations effectively disregarded, farmer also being subject to criminal proceedings.

R v Coade. Defence.
Cross generational, widespread long term family abuse. Phenomenon of "False Memory Syndrome". Eventually several important episodes in allegations demonstrated to be fantasy or otherwise falsified case abandoned.

R v Diamond
Defence: Landlord prosecuted for gross negligence manslaughter due to death of tenant in fire at rented premises where wholesale breaches of fire regulations uncovered.

R v Fox. Prosecution:
Mental Hospital Nurse who received nine life sentences for abduction and rape of severely disabled patients.

R v Huisamen. Defence:
Importation of cannabis resin on private jet. Mining manager gave evidence attempting to implicate Defendant in cannabis importation. He was discredited and obviously disbelieved by the jury.

R v Milne. Defence:
Murder by way of arson. Cause of death not entirely clear: matters complicated due to condition of body when recovered. Detailed consideration of Pathologist's Reports essential for proper conduct of this case, also evidence of Fire Analysts and Forensic Scientists.

R v Mohammed. Defence:
Young Pakistani woman in divorce from arranged marriage to elderly man. Husband, her stepson, together with henchmen kidnapped her from women's refuge and killed her. Case founded to considerable degree upon very complicated mobile phone cell site analysis.

R v Monk. Defence:
Grandfather involved in 30 year history of rape and abuse by him and others. "Worst case of sexual abuse in memory of this Court (of Appeal)".

R v Morgan. Defence:
Kidnap, rape and murder of teenage French au pair girl, her body kept in lorry.

R v Razzell. Defence:
Mother of three young children in acrimonious divorce disappears in broad daylight into thin air. No body found; re-enacted with Police officers. Resultant witness statement used against husband after lengthy voire dire and argument.

R v Sharon Carr. Prosecution:
16 year old girl convicted of murdering and mutilating in macabre fashion, when only 12.

R v X. Defence:
Case known as the "Simon de Danser" case. Cannabis importation. Lengthy Court room wrangle re disclosure, extensive hearings on voire-dire; established arrest warrant was invalid from the start and boarding illegal; the indictment was stayed as an abuse of process.

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MA (Oxon)

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  • Recorder
  • Legal Assessor to the Nursing and Midwifery Council

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