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Samuel Parrish

Samuel Parrish

Call 1962

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*Door Tenant

Sam Parrish is a criminal law specialist with extensive experience. He has particular expertise in commercial and other fraud, including computer crime. He is also has expertise in Environmental Law, Planning and Commons.

Criminal cases

Leading counsel in R v Van D, murder, with medical intonations, causation, proximate cause of death medical negligence, brain abscess, seven medical specialists and consultants, neurosurgeons, neuro pathologists, opthalmologist to give evidence, and be cross examined.

R v X murder, father and daughter decapitated and dismembered, likely hostages and victims of drug importers.

Leading counsel in R v B & B famous sports personality, alleged murder, 18th month old baby, death alleged to be caused by shaking, six medical experts, for prosecution, causation, cross examination revealed death to be due to genetic defects present from birth.

Leading counsel in R v W & W, illegal importation £6m HRT. Visit by counsel to Belgium for conferences and view, use by Customs of unregistered informants. Co-defendant also represented but tried in absence, Counsel’s duty to continue to represent absent client.

Leading counsel in R v B & Ors , multiproperty burglary conspiracy.

Leading counsel in R v L and others, drug importation from Morocco by yacht based in Portugal. Cross examination of world famous yachtsman, as expert, on charts, navigation, wind and currents, GPS navigation systems, course plotting, and tides.

Courts Martial, Bigamy, foreign marriage laws, validity of first marriage in English law, marriage according to local custom, Hindu Marriage Act.

Confiscation proceedings

Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences Acts, 1956-2003, Child abuse, rape.

Effect of other cultures and customs, submission or consent.

Fraud against DWP, benefit cases.

R v F. Ownership of property, eight parcels, cross examination of five solicitors showed legal estate held in trust only, conveyancing, equitable interests, implied and resulting trusts.

R v N. Forgery, power of arrest of police officer, unlawful detention of suspect, police officer with no reason to suspect defendant at time of arrest, failure to notify accused of reason for arrest.

Motor Crime, death by dangerous etc.

Wide knowledge and practical experience of automotive engineering.

Civil Jurisdiction

Shared Property Claims.

H v W, right of cohabiting man to acquire rights to beneficial interest, effectiveness of pre-habitation Trust Deed, division of property, cohabiting couples/shared property, validity of pre-cohabitation agreement, trusts affecting property, whether pre-cohabitation Deed of Trust a commercial agreement outside and immune from frailties of family or prenuptial agreements. Enforceability of agreement, proprietary estoppel, whether Trust Deed to be read in light of unchallenged surrounding circumstances at time execution of Deed and collateral agreement/common intentions as substratum of Deed.

Whether DSS contributions paid to mortgagee for mortgage enure for benefit of cohabiting lodger in calculating his claim to share of property.

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LLB (Hons)