3PB’s Peter Collie is awarded a Master of Laws (LLM) with Distinction by Nottingham Trent University

27th June 2017

Head of 3PB’s Technology and Construction Law Group Peter Collie has completed a Master of Laws (LLM) at Nottingham Trent University. Peter will formally graduate with ... read more

3PB crime barristers Jodie Mittell and Gemma White successfully prosecute main class A drug networks discovered during "Operation Shield"

26th June 2017

Jodie Mittell and Gemma White have successfully prosecuted the main class A drug networks discovered during “Operation Shield” in Southampton. Jodie led Gemma in the ... read more

3PB expands family team in Birmingham

20th June 2017

Hannah Bush has joined 3PB Barristers’ growing  team in Birmingham. Hannah specialises in financial remedies as well as Children Act work. She has substantial experience ... read more

Claims against joint tortfeasors: who is liable? - An analysis by Nicole Bollard

20th June 2017

When will settling a claim against one defendant bar a claimant from pursuing a different defendant, who is jointly responsible for the claimant’s loss? Nicole ... read more

Sarah Clarke provides an employment case law update for the past month

20th June 2017

3PB Employment barrister Sarah Clarke provides a case law update covering the past month. Sarah's update includes: Dismissal connected to absence because of cancer treatment was ... read more

Employment law barrister Thomas O'Donohoe examines the impact of the general election's result on employment cases

20th June 2017

In the wake of the snap general election's result, employment law barrister Thomas O'Donohoe examines how employment cases may be affected. To read Thomas' analysis, ... read more

Construction barrister Paul Newman to lecture on "Expert Witness Cases" at the Society of Construction Law, Cardiff, 20 July 2017

16th June 2017

3PB Construction barrister Paul Newman is to give a lecture on "Expert Witness Cases - Forgotten or perhaps not read?" at the Society of Construction ... read more

Commercial update: Privilege under investigation by Charles Irvine

13th June 2017

When will solicitor’s working papers (as opposed to advice) attract privilege? And what is the scope of legal advice privilege (“LAP”) and litigation privilege (“LP”)? ... read more

The issue of the inadequate charge: Public Law and Regulatory Barrister Shruti Sharma examines if the panel should amend the charges after hearing evidence

2nd June 2017

PSA v (1)HCPC & (2)Doree [2017] EWCA Civ 319. 3PB's Shruti Sharma discusses the issue of late applications to amend charges and the approach that will be taken by ... read more

3PB Employment and Equalities Group partners with ACAS to deliver Employment Tribunals masterclass

31st May 2017

3PB's Employment and Equalities Group is partnering with ACAS to deliver a highly engaging Employment Tribunals: An Insider’s Guide masterclass for HR practitioners and people ... read more