LATEST NEWS - 3rd Annual ADR Symposium held at Cardiff University on 25 April 2017

26th April 2017

3PB barristers are delighted to have assisted in organising the Cardiff University 3rd Annual ADR Symposium in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the SCMA ... read more

Mediation is a structured form of negotiation in which a trained, neutral outsider assists the parties to find a mutually satisfactory outcome to their dispute. It usually includes a prolonged phase of 'shuttle diplomacy' – the parties separated and the mediator going back and forth between them. During this phase, each party can discuss the case frankly and confidentially with the mediator. He will only pass information on to the other side with express agreement.

Everyone listed on this page is either a qualified mediator or a trained/accredited mediation advocate. Several of our mediators are nationally recognised in their fields. Members of Chambers regularly participate in mediations, either in the course of conducting the underlying dispute or because they have been specifically instructed for the mediation.