Administrative Law and Planning

Administrative Law and Planning

The Administrative Law and planning Unit of the 3PB Public and Regulatory Group covers a multitude of different areas under the umbrella heading of Administrative Law. It recognises the wide diversity of central and local government responsibilities that has developed over recent years. Members of the Unit necessarily have a wide experience of dealing with issues arising out of the exercise of discretion and are consequently familiar with all aspects of judicial review. This means that members are experienced in dealing with the more esoteric and less familiar aspects of administrative law including DEFRA quotas, Police and Fire Authority Regulations, Licensing and Local Authority Powers and duties generally etc.

In addition to the above, Unit members have specialised areas of expertise within the administrative law purview such as Town & Country Planning and Environmental Law, Constitutional Law and Human Rights.

In the context of planning matters members are regularly instructed to act on behalf of both local planning authorities and appellants in public inquiries. In addition, members have extensive experience of both prosecuting and defending enforcement matters. Similarly, all aspects of work are undertaken with regard to the EPA 1990 and related legislation including the Contaminated Land Regime and Waste Disposal matters generally. Recent planning inquiries undertaken by members of the Unit have raised planning issues concerning:

  • Green Belts
  • Gypsies
  • Trees
  • Nature Conservation
  • Conservation Areas, Design
  • Affordable Housing
  • CLEUDs

Recent enforcement cases undertaken by members of the Unit have similarly included a wide variety of issues (in both planning and environmental contexts) including:

  • TPOs
  • Advertisements
  • Various alleged material changes of lawful use
  • Unlawful fly-tipping

The work undertaken by Members of this Unit has included instructions from the Governments of Overseas Territories and encompassed all levels of Tribunal and Courts through to the ECJ.

Members of the Unit are fully familiar with the changes taking place pursuant to the PCPA 2004 and lectures and/or discussions can be arranged.